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Did you know that creators can get rewards when hosting a TikTok LIVE video? In this post, we will help you understand what LIVE Gifts are and how they work - for both you and your viewers.

What is LIVE Gifting?

If you have the LIVE Gifts feature active, viewers can send Gifts to your LIVE video. You can also collect Diamonds if LIVE Gifts is active on your TikTok account. Diamonds can then be redeemed for money from TikTok.

How you can collect Diamonds through LIVE Gifts

If you are 18 years or older, you're eligible to collect Diamonds during your LIVE video. Go LIVE as you usually would, and you'll be able to see Gifts pop up. As you see Gifts appear, you should consider thanking your followers! At the end of the video, you will be able to see the total number of Gifters in your LIVE summary.


TikTok awards Diamonds to creators based on the popularity of your videos. One way for creators to collect Diamonds is to receive Gifts from followers on your LIVE videos. You may then redeem Diamonds for money, which would trigger an automatic transfer to your designated account. You can see your Diamonds' potential monetary value in your Settings within the “Balance” tab.

How your viewers can Gift

Viewers who are 18 years or older can show appreciation toward their favorite creators by sending Gifts. First, your viewers can purchaseCoins, which are found in profile Settings within the “Balance” tab. Then, they can select the “Recharge” icon to view the Coin options.

After purchasing, these Coins can then be used to send Gifts. These are displayed as stickers and animations that come in a fun and unique variety. Different types of Gifts require different numbers of Coins. (Terms and conditionsapply.)

Once viewers have enough Coins to send a gift, they can go into the LIVE video and open the gift panel. They'll hit “send” on the Gift and it will immediately appear on the video.

If a viewer hasn't pre-purchased Coins before the LIVE video starts, they can also send a Gift during the LIVE video by clicking on the Gift icon at the bottom of the screen and following the prompts.

Best Practices for Gifting

Gifting is an amazing way for viewers to reward and share their love for their favorite creators. While we encourage all eligible creators to participate in Gifting, we also want to ensure the feature is being used in an appropriate manner.

Show your appreciation for Gifts that you do receive with messages to your audience like, “Great job;" “Thank you so much;" and “This helps me so much, thank you !"

Avoid making promises in exchange for something from your audience, like “follow for follow," “Send Gifts and I'll give you a shoutout," or “Share this LIVE and I'll follow." While this may not result in action from TikTok against your LIVE, it might lower the quality and enjoyment for your viewers.

Remember, your ability to go LIVE may be suspended if you violate our Community Guidelines.

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