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It's natural for creators to be consumed by what's going on inside the frame visually. But sound may help transform your TikTok videos from good to great.

Sounds on TikTok

Sound is just as important as your visuals when it comes to creating videos. TikTok opens directly to a full-screen viewing experience with the For You feed. And it does so with the soundon.

TikTok currently has an extensive library of songs and sounds to accompany your videos. You can also create your own sound that other users can add to their videos.

Best practices include using sounds that match the vibe of your video, and consider timing your actions to match the beat of the sound you choose.

Trending sounds

Consider using a sound that the community is already loving. This may help to make your video stand out and connect with audiences most likely to enjoy what you share. Also think about exploring sound playlists for inspiration and trending sounds.

Navigating the Sounds page

To access the Sounds page, tap the "" icon located at the bottom bar of your screen when you open TikTok. From here, tap the “sounds” icon located at the top of the screen on the Record Video page. This will take you to the Sounds page where you can explore TikTok's sound library.

The Sounds page is everchanging and features some of the top trending sounds on the platform, some of the biggest global hits, and playlists that make it easier than ever to find just the right soundtrack for your creativity.

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